Submarine Power Cable Interconnection Forum

Why this Event now

This Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum is the only event in Europe which has a sole focus on submarine power cables for both offshore as well as interconnector cable specialist. We will bring European leading companies to showcase their experiences in the laying and repairing and management of submarine power cables.
This conference is a unique opportunity for networking and industry leaders to consider the future of a border less Europe and how best to go forward.

By attending this exclusive meeting you will be able to get insights of successfully completed projects and benefit from practical case studies:
• Understand how to reduce costs & risks while increasing reliability of submarine cable installations
• Gain more in-depth knowledge on the most updated infrastructure priorities
• Understand how to minimize environmental impacts and maximize cable protection
• Improve cable protection and repair management and integrity skills and strategies
• Explore how to use DTS monitoring to enhance cable repair
• Learn how to effectively manage and mitigate risk during installation
• Explore the best practices of cable testing and condition monitoring techniques

Official Partner

Speakers and Topics

ENTSO-E on European Submarine Network Development Plan: Short and Long Term
The Crowne Estate on Permit Approval Processes: Issuers Perspective
RWE Innology on Offshore Wind Farm: A Review of the Planning and Budgeting Process
TEIAS on Existing and Prospective Submarine Interconnectors of Turkey
REE on Increasing Capacity in Europe by Optimizing Submarine Cable Rout

Who should attend

VP, Directors, Heads, Managers of:
• Submarine Cables
• Interconnections/ Interconnectors engineers
• HVDC Cable specialist
• Cable Projects managers
• Submarine Network Planning
• Electrical Engineering
• Marine Grid Development

• Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
• Offshore Wind Generator Companies
• Cable Manufacturers and Installation Companies
• Contractors and Advisory Services
• Regulators and governing bodies