Regulatory and Policy Framework for Ancillary Services

Why this Event now

Recent regulatory changes in different markets brought many technical issues connected with increase of renewables, adapting the existing infrastructure, government policies, rising costs of conventional energy and new technology improvements.
The, geographically divided agenda will cover the new challenges and difficulties, arisen with these changes: Regulations of different energy markets – REMIT, EMIR exchange of balancing services between different multinational markets, grid control, market integration, cross border or local trade, capacity reserves, energy storage, balancing and ancillary services.
This interactive format of the sessions will allow energy professionals to hear about the latest technology developments, policy updates global project experiences and also to interactively discuss, all the problems they are facing, where market is actually going and if the stated regulatory targets are reachable.

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Speakers and Topics

Austiran Power Grid on Integrating European Power Systems
50Hertz on Network Codes on Electricity Balancing
Enel Green Power on Dealing with the Rise of Renewables – Impacts on the Ancillary Service and Balancing Market
CEZ on Demand Potential in European Day-ahead and Balancing Market
ENTSO-es on Exchange of Balancing services between the Nordic and Central Europe Synchronous systems
Union Fenosa on Flexibility Markets at DSO Level

Who Should Attend

VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers of:

Ancillary Services
Energy/Market Management
Policy Management
Regulatory Affairs
Operational Support
Operations (Systems/Grid)
Market Affairs/Design/Management/Development
Cross-Border Trade
Active networks distribution
Compliance officers


Transmission Systems Operators (TSOs)
Distribution System Operators (DSOs)
Electricity Producers/Generators
Energy Trading Companies