Integration of Internet of Things in Circular Economy Conference

Why this Event now

New technology innovations are becoming a bouncing point for the implementation of intelligent assets into businesses and supply chains of numerous companies around the world. Intelligent assets are unlocking the hidden potential and hidden benefit of circular economy.

 This conference will gather companies across a spectrum of industries such as electronics, automotive, ICT, aviation, logistic retail etc. They will present challenges of transaction from linear to circular economy principles. Practical case studies presented by leading companies will reveal opportunities for innovation and creativity within circular economy principles in the smart connected systems and devices. The conference aims to provide the rationale of opportunities that the intersection of circular economy and smart connected devices could unlock for your business, or region.


Dates of the Event and location

1st-2nd December, 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands


• Carillion
• Digital Europe
• Lufthansa

Who should attend

CEO/ CTO/ CIO/ VP/ Head/ Director/ Manager of: 

• Business development
• Digital/ IoT/ Product Innovation

• Reverse Logistics/ Supply Chain
• Environmental
• Business Policy & Strategy


- Manufacturing industries:
         • automotive

         • aviation
         • healthcare
         • electronics
         • furniture
         • food &beverages
- Retail companies
- Logistics companies
- Construction and Infrastructure companies

Registration Fees

(End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 2499 EUR
(Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation 2999 EUR
Online Documentation Only 899 EUR

In order to secure your place please send completed booking form via email to us.