Global Client Onboarding and Data Management

Why this Event now

Banks and other financial institutions need to on-board new clients in accordance to regional regulations and KYC norms. Faster on-boarding enables banks to initiate trading with their clients sooner and mitigate the risk.

As most of the regulations are active already and the other ones to follow in 2017 (MiFIDII) it is critical to get a hold of recent adjustments and process development which is occurring in banks now. The sooner you will benchmark your strategy with other top players, the better understanding of the industry challenges and best-practices you will get. At the same time regulations like FATCA, EMIR and Dodd-Frank have asked banks to collect more information on their clients than ever before. Regulators are hungry on the firm’s relationship with its client and as well on details of how information is maintained throughout the trade life-cycle.

This TBM Evolution event is a very specific tailor-made meeting in London: by banks for banks!
The angle is to combine in one meeting
1) BPO (business process optimization) of CO
2) Impact of regulations on CO function
3) Reference Data management and combating the challenge of creative a single version of the customer

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• JP Morgan
• BNP Paribas
• Credit Agricole
• Lloyds Banking Group
• Barclays Corporate
• Credit Suisse

Job Titles

VPs, Heads, Directors, and Managers:

• Client/Customer Onboarding
• Corporate division
• Client/Relationship Management
• Client Data/Reference data
• IT Client Onboarding
• Account Management
• KYC (Know Your Customer)
• AML (Anti Money Laundering)
• AFC (Anti Financial Crime)
• Customer Due Diligence/CDD/EDD
• Middle Office
• Chief Operating Officer (COO) /Head of Operations
• Client Operations
• Client Services
• Chief Compliance Officer


• Commercial Bank
• Corporate Banks
• Investment Banks
• Wholesale Bank
• Asset (Wealth) Management firms
• Brokerage firms


Speaker Opportunities

Do you think you experience and knowledge can contribute to the agenda?
Are you interested in presenting a case study on behalf of your company?
Please send your inquiry with a short description of your professional background and topic you are interested to cover to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.